For more than a decade, Brian Padgett has practiced exclusively in the field of Eminent Domain and Condemnation Law, protecting the rights of private landowners faced with government property takings. His results speak for themselves: an outstanding track record of cases resolved in favor of landowners; highest prices for land paid by condemning authorities; government and other condemning authorities placed on notice that property taken without giving landowners transparency, respect and the highest price will not be tolerated.


Whether it’s raw land, your home, commercial, industrial or resort developments, we will preserve your rights to just compensation from the moment the government first announces a project impacting your property. READ MORE


Why should you call an Eminent Domain lawyer before the government makes you an offer to acquire your land? Government acquisition of private property is complex, and the decisions and actions you take today will make a difference in how much compensation you will ultimately receive. READ MORE

Project Neon

The negative impact on property owners who are in the way of Project Neon, the massive I-15 expansion project, will be dramatic. We Can Help. READ MORE