Client Notes

Brian genuinely cares about his clients, and equally important, he does his homework: he knows what both sides deserve and what both sides will take, and he has a deep feeling for what is right, what is wrong, and what is fair. He continually looks for how he can improve the settlement offer and his honesty and sincere negotiating skills have even earned the opposition’s trust.  When Brian sues the government, they know he has a strong case and they know he’s fair.

– Larry Holmes, United Estates Trust


I am so thankful that I received Brian’s counsel because there is no way that I could have done it on my own. The County wasn’t cooperating with me or even attempting to negotiate with me. If it weren’t for Brian, I wouldn’t have received such a reasonable and lucrative settlement.

 – Ed Rennie, Silverado Ranch Interchange Landowner



Brian Padgett assisted us with an eminent domain taking as part of the US 95 expansion project, and he negotiated a settlement that I know was as good as we could get without gambling on a trial outcome.  I most appreciated Brian’s ongoing communication:  he was very proactive, always keeping us informed on what was going on and about what our options were.  Above all, he is a man of honesty and integrity; he keeps his word and is always available. 

– Richard Worthen, Dick Worthen Distributing


We can’t say enough about the quality of work Brian performed or the tremendous amount of communication he provided to us on a regular basis, which allowed us to be a part of the process. Brian is more than just an attorney; he is a friend and a wise young man with strong values.

– Tom and Peggy Fett, Silverado Ranch Interchange Landowners


Brian advised us what our rights were, he let us know what other property owners in the corridor were doing, and he explained how our property could be devalued by the City. We would have settled for a lot less without his counsel. He was very honest and explained everything in terms we understood. We were able to get a very fair settlement for our situation since we were well-informed and well-represented.

– Lonnie Smith, Landowner



I was at a standstill with the City, I couldn’t make any progress until I found Brian. Brian was always very honest and straightforward with me, which allowed me to anticipate what was going to happen. Because Brian didn’t let anyone roll over us or our appraiser and because of his good expert witnesses, I ended up getting a lot more than what I was originally offered.

– Gail Gibson, Landowner


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