Pre-Condemnation Planning

Eminent domain cases involve many issues that can affect the final outcome of your case. Because actions taken by you, as a property owner prior to the actual “taking” of your property by the government may affect your case, it is important for you to consult with an eminent domain attorney as soon as you become aware of governmental activities that will affect your property. Our experience in the field allows us to quickly gather relevant information and assess a potential case in order to assist you in proper pre-condemnation planning.

From challenging the government’s right to take land, to determining the appropriate processes and procedures used for valuation and acquisition of land, the government has the upper hand if you are not fairly represented.

  • What do you do if the government asks to see business documents for the purposes of valuing your property?
  • How should you respond if asked for your opinion of value prior to a forthcoming offer?
  • Should you grant access to your property and financial records for a government appointed appraiser?
  • Should you approve the government’s request to conduct an environmental assessment on your property?

The moment you receive a notice of interest in a government acquisition of your property, the clock starts running and your rights come under attack. The manner in which you respond to these government inquiries at the outset could influence the ultimate valuation of your land.

That’s where our office comes in. We have been extremely successful in defending landowners against these demands and reminding the government of their limitations.

Even before receiving notification, if you suspect your property might be of interest for a government taking, you should be prepared to defend your property value. With our firm behind you, you won’t have to wonder whether you are taking the right course of action – you will know you are.

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