Project Neon

Project Neon is a massive freeway expansion project along the I-15 highway corridor just north of Spring Mountain to US 95 (the Spaghetti Bowl) that will directly impact hundreds of private landowners.

Designed by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), the I-15 highway will be dramatically widened, new interchanges will be added, and existing interchanges along the route will be expanded, affecting homes and businesses as neighboring roads are vacated, torn up and replaced with larger, more aggressive improvements.

Evidence suggests that NDOT is much further along with property acquisition for the project than has been represented. In fact, landowners in the path of the project are presently being threatened with acquisition or condemnation.

Our investigation shows that, for years, the project has directly depressed land values and development opportunities for properties in the path of the project making hundreds of landowners immediately eligible to be paid just compensation for the taking and damaging of their land.

If your property lies in the path of Project Neon Las Vegas, you must start work immediately to protect your property values BEFORE the government makes contact with you.  If you think your property may be impacted by Project Neon, please call us at (702) 304-0123.  We’ll evaluate your position, determine the impact to your property from the project and recommend a course of action that will preserve your rights and restore your property value.  All initial consultations are free.